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Laura asks…

Do i get a disabled students allowance?

I am a 19 yr old student and I have quite severe eczema on my hands and legs and I know other people that got the DSA for similar stuff and I wondered if I was eligible?

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Paul asks…

What make-up can you use to cover up eczema?

Does anyone know make-up you can use to cover up eczema i have awful eczema on my face and have a party coming up please help!

Also i have a question of what i should do with my eczema.
Please please please could you answer it, i am so upset and the moment and cry myself to sleep every night. It is really getting me down.

Thank you SO much. You do not know how much i appreciate it!!

x x x

admin answers:

I think that I’d put lip gloss and mascara on but nothing on your skin, it will make it worse the next day and it can take a while to calm back down again. I get eczema on my hands and elbows sometimes but the one thing that has helped me has been Hemp cream from The Body Shop – they do a range of the cream and it is brilliant, it smells funny and the colour is not nice but I’m telling you use this moisturiser is top and I’m sure you’ll see a massive improvement in your eczema. I have had steroid cream and all sorts but this fixed me up a treat, I use it every night and it stops any (ouch)! Splitting and itching. Enjoy yourself at the party and I hope that you are feeling more comfortable soon. X

Ken asks…

what are lipid free soaps and where can i buy it?

i have just been diagnosed with hand eczema and i know know what kind of soaps are liquid free and where to buy them.

admin answers:

Check here:
You will find what you like!
Good luck!

Richard asks…

Trying to identify what are the small white lumps on hands?

recently i’ve developed small white blisters on my fingers which are now spreading down to my hand, and seeing as how doctors appointments are seemingly hard to come by, i was wondering if anyone had experienced something like this. i have excema, but it was clearing up on my hands and then these small white blisters started.
i’d appreciate any help to identify what they are and how to get rid of them.
thanks x

admin answers:

It sounds as if you have dyshidrotic eczema; but without examining your hands, it’s only a guess. If that’s what you have, you’ll need prescription-strength medicine to control it, so you’ll need to see your dermatologist, anyway.

Linda asks…

Can someone help with advice on hand eczema?

I have it really bad on my hand, it itches and cracks open into deep cuts. I’ve tried everything and it wont heal. Please someone give me advice on how to handle this..

admin answers:

Dyshidrosis: Pompholyx: Chronic Hand Eczema.
Go to
Take Fexofenadine 180mg, then 60mg every 8 hours.
Do you also have IBS?
I am studying Dyshidrosis. Please Pm me or go to yahoogroups site.

Daniel asks…

How to get dye off your hands?

I was tie dying shirts today, but now my hands and fingers have red dye on them and it looks like I killed somebody or something :). So the problem is: I have church tomorrow, and that wouldn’t be the most reverent thing to be wearing to church, so is there any way to get the dye off quickly without damaging my skin? PS I have eczema, which is a skin thing where it basically gets itchy easily, so I don’t want to do anything that would hurt my skin or leave rashes.
Thanks for your help!

admin answers:

You really have to let it wear off. It does take a few days. Can you wear gloves or very long sleeves to church?

Betty asks…

How to get rid of echzma?

i have had echzma for 14 years and i get it all over my body. Palms, arms hands legs, ankles, feet, back, stomach, pubic bone ect. I realise that you cant just get RID of it, but does anyone no how to stop itching, redness and oozing? my legs are badly scared from 14 years of non stop scratching. i am a 14 year old girl and have great legs, but i have echzma all over them. i would love to be able to wear my school dress this summer and not have people stare at me. is there any thing other than prescribed medicines that can fix this?

admin answers:

Like asthma, eczema seems to run in families. Certain genes make some people have extra-sensitive skin, and certain environmental factors — like an allergy or stress — can trigger an episode of eczema.

Many cases of eczema are related to allergies to foods (like cow’s milk, eggs, wheat, nuts, strawberries, and shrimp) or airborne irritants (such as dust mites and pollen).

Eczema is also caused or worsened by contact with irritants in common substances:

woolen and synthetic fabrics
latex rubber
chlorine-based products
nickel used in plated earrings and other jewelry
heat and sweat
chemicals such as formaldehyde, found in permanent-press fabrics, polishes, rugs, foam insulation, and particle board
Eczema can also be caused by dry skin.

Since eczema may in part be an internal response to stress, any emotionally charged event — from a move to a new job — may trigger a flare-up

Mary asks…

How long does impetigo last after you start antibotics?

I went to see my dermatologist after coming down with very red, sore and crusty parts on my hand, in between my fingers, my knuckles and my knuckles on my fingers and she instantly told me it was impetigo. I have eczema and I have been under her for almost 4 years. She gave me some cream to use aswell as fungal medication which I cannot take due to it having sorbital in and causes an upset stomach with me and leaves me constipated and bloating due to a past stomach problem and having IBS.

I have been taking the medication and using the creams for the past 2 days but with the cold weather it really doesn’t help. Its not spread to my arm and my other hand but not as badly and is really restricting my movement on my right hand as I even had to ask my mum to help me wash in the shower this evening and I cannot have a hot shower or wash my hands properly without being in pain.

Can anyone please tell me how long it lasts and how to ease the pain as even moving my fingers can hurt and if I wash my hands with hot water it leaves my fingers feeling very sore, painful and cannot move them for about 5-10 mins due to the pain
I don’t have the red crusty spots just crusty skin and very sore hands I don’t need to go to my gp becuase I am already under a dematoligist but how long does it last? I am taking my medication and using the cream many times a day but seems like its getting worse not better 🙁
I have also been in hospital between 9-13 times, been on alot of medication in my life and a weak immune system because of it aswell as several different medical problems so my immune system isn’t that strong

admin answers:

Oral antibiotics work pretty slowly on impetigo. You might not see any results for maybe a week, and then it could take an additional week or two for the infection to disappear entirely. The number of antibiotic pills prescribe should give you an idea of what the doc expects.

Sometimes oral antibiotics alone don’t work. The fastest way to get rid of impetigo is to dissolve the crust, and then apply a topical antibiotic or an antiseptic, cover everything with a thick layer of absorbant gauze, and repeat this 2x-3x per day until the crust stops reforming. I use povidone iodine, but an iodine ointment or a triple antibiotic ointment will also work. Povidone iodine is the most effective, but it burns and stings, and its not for the faint of heart and povidone iodine can aggravate eczema. Topical treatments don’t work unless you dissolve the crust. This can sometimes clear up impetigo in as little as 2 days. The way to dissolve the crust is described at the link.

Steven asks…

Very dry and rough skin on my right hand?

Hello. Ever since yesterday, I have had really rough/dry skin on my right hand, and no matter WHAT I do, it doesn’t heal. I don’t think I have an allergic reaction to anything, since I have used the same lotion for years. What should I do? I have tried virgin olive oil mixed with honey and sugar, that usually solves everything but it doesn’t fully heal this dry/rough skin patch.

admin answers:

“The oil, which is said to have restorative and age-defying effects, has become one of the latest miracle ingredients in the beauty industry. High in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it is believed to help all sorts of skin conditions: dry skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles. Moroccans slather it on their skin, hair, nails and even their babies…” NewYork Times Magazine

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