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Maria asks…

Has anyone used a product called lerosett for acne during pregnancy?

Anyone recommend anything else that is natural and safe?


admin answers:

Idk if that is safe, I also never heard of it.

When I was first pregnant I washed my face with baby soap and Apricot Scrub. But with stress adding on as I got further along I would get random breakouts. I have this marvelous mint face mask that I also use on my belly. [I have this really gross heat rash] It feels good after you take it off your face and it feels SUPER good after you take it off your belly too. The air hits the mint extract and you get a cool sensation.

I am just a crazy pregnant lady I guess…. 😀

Linda asks…

For the last three nights my grand son starts to cry as if he is frightened . What is the trouble?

He cries for one hour or more. We cannot pacify him by any means.

admin answers:

U did not mention the age of ur grandson so I wld presume that he is just few weeks old.

Babies usually cry for these reasons:

First, hunger. Its easy to resolve this. By just feeding him wld make him stop crying.

Second, discomfort. Search for something that cld make him uncomfortable. Heat? Bathe him as often is needed a day. Loosen his clothes. Bathing oftentimes silences cry babies especially at night. Tight clothings like tight disposable diapers…loosen them. Some cultures use abdominal binders on babies causing them breathing difficulties. Itchiness? Heat rashes, insect bites.

Third, pain. The cry is very distinctive. Its loud, high pitched and prolonged. Search for things that may have pinched him like tight diapers, pins? Infected insect bites? Colic or gas pains? Pediatrician’s assessment is very impt here.

Fourth, something spiritual. I remember my baby then. She was a month old. She used to cry from midnight to abt 4 am. I was in new york city then visiting a relative. The incident was very constant. She looked scared to at the age of 1 month. Nothing stopped her. One weird thing tho was that the crying always started at midnight and ended by 4 am. Like a switch that was put on and then off. I learned that the house was “haunted” by some spiritual beings and that they made fun with my baby girl. The crying stopped immediately when we transferred to another place. Believe?

Hope this helps.

Steven asks…

My baby is 6 weeks and maybe has heat rash with yellow stuff coming out?

My baby is 6 weeks and she developed what we think is heat rash all around her face, neck and ears. This morning one of her ears was a bit swollen and filled with those little red looking pimples but we realized they were expelling some “yellow liquid” and I’ve been googling if that’s normal for heat rash or if it could be something else? I have taken her a shower and its still coming out not a lot but it looks kinda like sweat? i don’t know, please anyone have any idea what this could be? I am calling her doctor in the morning for an appointment but in the mean time I’m going NUTS!

admin answers:

Could it be an ear infection?

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