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Nancy asks…

Can u wash your hair with a soap bar ?

I ran out of shampoo and I use Cetaphil soap bar , I have eczema >.<

admin answers:

For eczema I wouldn’t advise it I have it as well and can only bathe in baby johnsons bubble bath :’). Just wait to go and get shampoo tomorrow the soap clumps may get caught and dry uo in your hair

Richard asks…

How do I stop my baby intching?

Our 5 month old baby has eczema. It shows up mainly on her legs. She spends all of her waking hours going nuts from the itch. We use hydrocortisone occasionally to keep the eczema under control but don’t like to use drugs on her if we can help it. If we can control the itch, we think we can control the eczema….. h e l p ………..

admin answers:

I have a 5 month old son who has severe eczema. We saw a dermatologist because I didn’t want to use Steroid Creams (especially since it was on his face as well). Our Derm recommended that we only bathe him once a week, using Cetephil, which can be found in the cosmetic section at walmart. Then, once in the morning we lather him in Vanicream, which can be purchased at the Pharmacy Counter without a prescription. It’s a little on the expensive side but IT WORKS. I put it on frequently throughout the day during diaper changes. I do keep prescription strength hydrocortizone cream (2.5%) handy for really bad flare ups, but that is only once every three to five weeks now. He still wants to itch at night, so sometimes I put the hydrocortisone on him when he really seems to be itchy. I put socks or mittens on his hands so he doesn’t scratch. On the nights where he is uncomfortable, I put the hydro cream on, then the Vanicream, and then swaddle him in a blanket so he doesn’t scratch all night. He is sleeping just fine now!

Also, my mother is Native American and gave me some Balsam branches. You pull the needles off (they’re like pine needles) and you boil them in water. Then when the water and needles cool you can wash him in it. IT REALLY DOES WORK. I even keep some in the fridge and put it on him every few days on his bad spots. No need to wipe off or rinse. It helps with the itching and helps his skin retain the moisture from the Vanicream which is key to keeping his skin clear.

Also, our derm told us to stay away from the Aveeno stuff. It says all natural and everything but it still contains fermeldahyde and other irritating stuff. The Vanicream is dermatologist formulated for really problem skin. It was made by dermatologists, for dermatologists.

Good luck, hope this helps you!!!!!

Thomas asks…

What is this rash on my 11 month old baby?

My baby has got small dots on her chest, back, arms and legs which aren’t particularily red but look a little dry in places and do join together in areas and look a little redder. Any ideas what they are? She isnt unwell and they dont seem to be bothering her

admin answers:

I would be willing to place a high wager that it is eczema. I worked for a derm for 4 years.The places you say the rash is are atypical places for eczema and the dry skin with red patches. Eczema is more common in children with allergies, so what’s the pollen count or RAST in your area right now? But, the only way to know for sure what it is to take her to her ped. If it is eczema, don’t use soaps with bathing.Use Aveeno oatmeal baby wash if needed, also, Baby NAturals makes a baby eczema cream, they sell both of these at Wal Mart. They both work really well.Good luck!

Daniel asks…

What are these bumps on my Baby?

My 7month old son has these little red bumps all over his legs and arms and on yop of his head. They seem to be getting worse and I cant find any info about it antwhere. Has anyone heard about this before? And if so, what is is?

admin answers:

You need to take him to the dr ASAP!! It could be an allergic reaction/hives, it could be eczema or it could be chicken pox!! You cannot self diagnose, take him to the dr!!

Michael asks…

Baby girl has terrible exema on her back. What can I put on her to rid her of it?

Or should I just take her to a dermatologist? Is she too young for that? She’s one month old.
I’m a guy so I don’t breastfeed lol. And I’m not sure it’s exema, I just don’t know what else it could be. Milkbumps wouldn’t cover her whole back.

admin answers:

Aveeno has great baby products for eczema. My son has it too and very rarely has an outbreak. Also remember not to bathe her everyday. 2 to 3 times a week is plenty. Your pediatrician can help her, you do not have to go to a dermatologist. Make sure she is constantly dry ie: shirts, outfits, etc. My son runs around in a diaper and does just fine. If his shirt gets wet in the chest area, I take it off immediately to avoid an outbreak. I was using Mustela when he was first born but he was still having outbreaks til I switched to Aveeno Baby Eczema Products. They are inexpensive at walmart in the baby aisle. Next time you go to your babies doctor ask them about it.

Sharon asks…

Do humidifiers really work for babies?

my son is almost 6 months old and he got the flu shot in march and had a little cold. now he has a runny nose and a cough. i bought saliene drops (sorry for spelling) and i didnt use it yet. i plan on getting a humidifier also. do they really work? thanks
my son has eczema….that wont help it would it?

admin answers:

I keep one running in my kids’ room. It helps both with breathing and to keep their skin from getting so dry. Without it my daughter’s skin gets super dry patches, even with lotion.

ETA: I don’t know a lot about eczema, but it only seems logical that added moisture in the air would help his condition.

Ruth asks…

What are the symptoms of a milk allergy?

My child just recently turned one. Around the same time we introduced whole milk. This seemed to open the flood gates! She has a very menacing dry cough that seems to get worse at night. She is fussier than usual, has a runny/stuffy nose, and has the worse case of diaper rash ever (she very rarely has had any type of rash) This rash isn’t responding to Balmex or theJ&J 3 in 1. I’m concerned because she is not resting well and also I understand that the fats and proteins in whole milk are necessary to brain development. Our alternative is rice milk, which we’ve been giving her and soy. However, rice milk hardly has enough protein and soy has so much estrogen. I know this is long, but parents if you’ve encountered this before please help me help my little one. The doctor says its probably just a cold but my instinct tells me its an allergy since this has happened before.

admin answers:

Following are some reactions that may help you recognize an allergy in your baby:

Bloating, gassiness
Skin rashes (for example, a sandpaper-like raised red rash on the face), eczema, hives
Runny nose, stuffiness, constant cold-type symptoms
Red itchy eyes, swollen eyelids, dark circles under the eyes, constant tearing
Diarrhea, mucousy stools, intestinal upset
A red rash around the anus
Generally cranky behavior, fussiness, irritability, colic
Vomiting or increased spitting-up
Ear infections
Poor weight gain due to malabsorption of food

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