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Helen asks…

What can cause for newborn babies to get in their face…………?

that look like pimples ….
some people say is the body heat??? we dont see a doctor until next week since we came out from the hospital
my baby boy is 3weeks old
is not a rash they just look like pimples

admin answers:

As the baby has been in you for 9 months they adapt to all your hormones and once are in your arms all those hormones take weeks to be expelled from their tiny bodies and for them to start producing their own the worst of the little pimples will apear at 6 weeks and you will notic in yourself when baby is 4 months you get a flare up loss of hair sudden appetite back as thats when pregnancy hormones fully leave your body

thats what my doctor told me and it did happen to me and it explains why so many people are unaware as they dont ask doctors it isnt baby acne as such just hormones

Ken asks…

how do you get rid of roaches and ants, safely, chemical wise, my house is almost spotless and very clean?

My house is less than 2 years old and very clean, but at night I see roaches and ants around in the garage, shower area, kitchen, only one or two, but still, I would like to get rid of them and I am also trying to get pregnant so I am concered with spraying stuff everywhere than inhale the fumes in the event that I get pregnant, irregular periods so hard for me to tell when I am late with my periods, but do take pregnancy test often, (sorry for getting off the topic)

admin answers:

I use boric acid in my home or rentals all the time. Here is some information I had found.
If a product can kill a cockroach it is probably not good for humans either. Many pesticides are extremely harmful to the human nervous system, so safer, non-toxic remedies are a wise choice.

Boric Acid, a white powder, is mined from the Mojave Desert in California and is nature’s proven long-term treatment in eliminating Cockroaches, Palmetto bugs, Waterbugs, Ants, Silverfish, Carpenter Ants, and Termites.

As a general household insecticide it is safe enough to use around children, and has been used in ointments and salves for diaper rash on babies. It is also used, in a very dilute solution, as an eyewash.
Ants. Works very well on both carpenter ants and pharaoh ants.
1 Tablespoon of Boric Acid, 1 tsp of Sugar, 4 oz water, Cotton Balls.
Mix Boric Acid and Sugar in a bowl. This can be poured over a cotton wad in a small dish or bottle cap. Keep this from drying out for continued effectiveness. Place Cotton balls in path of Ants.

Roaches: Boric acid powder, is often called “roach powder”.
Rid your home of silverfish that live under your sink, your drawers, or closets and feast on valuable clothing and important papers.

Boric acid when mixed with propylene glycol (non-toxic version of anti-freeze) has proven to be very effective against many types of termites. The glycol helps the solution to penetrate into the wood and become a part of the wood fibre. This solution is a terrific treatment for dry rot in wood.

Kill Silverfish Quickly:
Mix a small amount of boric acid, 20% or so with an inert ingredient like “whiting” fold into small packets and place them in dresser drawers, under your sink, or closets to kill silverfish quickly with absolutely no mess.
A Safe Surface Insecticide may be formulated by dissolving Boric Acid in plain water to make a 5% to 10% solution of clear liquid. Heating the water first makes it easier to dissolve the white powder. This simple inexpensive, household chemical is deadly to all insects, is safe enough to use around children, and on interior surfaces (test first on a small hidden area to check for possible — but rare — discoloration of finishes). Don’t expect instant results, give it some time, occasionally additional applications are needed. It lasts about a year, or until the surfaces are washed. Many modern applications of this ancient item are showing up in products, and commercial treatments.
To apply as a powder, you can use and old grated cheese shaker [make sure it has lots of holes] or an inexpensive mustard or condiment squeeze bottle. Some important places to make sure you treat:
around all pipe and drain entrances in floors and walls
in and under all cabinets, especially corners and cracks
around all baseboards, in corners and on top of cabinets
behind and under range, dishwasher, and refrigerator
In new homes, during construction, the powder can be sprayed inside walls, soffits, and in the attic. Also, it is a good idea to apply the powder along the top of basement walls near the ribbon-plate [where floor joists rest on the concrete wall of the basement].
For carpenter ants drill holes in wood surrounding infestation, fill with boric acid
Simply sprinkle it on the carpet, ( same mix as above for silverfish) brush it in so it settles down and in the fiber, let it sit for about a week then vacuum and fleas will be gone, eggs and all!

Thomas asks…

I have a rash in my groin area that’s been there for several weeks and is starting to get worse?

I don’t think it’s an std or anything, it kind of looks like folliculitis but the red dots aren’t where the hair follicles are. It’s a big cluster of little red rashy dots above my penis in the pubic hair area, i assumed it was just irritation because it started right where my underwear elastic rubs, but now it’s spreading and the red bumps are getting bigger

admin answers:

It could be an irritation from any number of things, new detergent, new soap, heat rash. If there is some talcum powder around the house, try putting that on the area every time you shower. If you don’t have any talc, get some, Goldbond is esp good. But even baby powder might help.

George asks…

What can baby powder be used for?

Please tell me what it can be used for on babies, as well as adults. Thank you.

admin answers:

Other than to absorb sweat ?
1. To make diapers smell less stinky
2. The relieve heat rash
3. To absorb fatty sweat from body
4. Absorb smells /sweat from sneakers and shoes
5. Take away oil stains from clothes
6.put it on underwear before you put the underwear on eg bras panties, briefs
7.women put it on sanitary napkins before putting them on
8. Put it on peoples necks after a haircut so the cut hair will not stick on the neck. Then brush the neck

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